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Andrews K., Gütl Christian, Moser J., Sabol Vedran, Lackner W.

Search Result Visualisation with xFIND

Proc. of Second International Workshop on User Interfaces to Data Intensive Systems (UIDIS 2001),, Zuric, Switzerland, 2001

The xFIND gatherer-broker architecture provides a wealth of metadata, which can be used to provide sophisticated search functionality. Local or remote documents are indexed and summaries and metadata are stored on an xFIND broker (server). An xFIND client can search a particular broker and access rich metadata for search result presentation, without having to fetch the original documents themselves. Search result sets are not only presented as a traditional ranked list, but also in an interactive scatterplot (Search Result Explorer) and using dynamic thematic clustering (VisIslands)

Rollett H., Ley Tobias

Supporting knowledge creation: Towards a tool for explicating and sharing mental models

In D. Remenyi, editor, Proceedings of the Second European Conference on Knowledge Management, IEDC-Bled School of Management, Management Centre International Limited, Bled, Slovenia, 2001


Ley Tobias, Rollett H.

Wissensmanagement, Management intellektuellen Kapitals und eLearning: Alleinstellungsmerkmale und Zusammenhänge

In Kurt Bauknecht, Wilfried Brauer, and Thomas Mück, editors, Informatik 2001, Tagungsband der GI/OCG-Jahrestagung, Österreichische Computer Gessellschaft, Wien, Austria, 2001

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