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Stern Hermann, Ulbrich Armin, Pammer-Schindler Viktoria, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Pistore M., Bertoli P.

Message Filtering Based On Mobile User Context

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Context, Information and Ontologies, Ermolayev, V., Gomez-Perez, J.M., Haase, P., Warren, P. , Workshop at Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW) 2010, Lisbon, Portugal, October 11, 2010, 2010

We present an on-going research activity that aims to use mobilecontext-based reasoning for creating personalised messages filtering.

Anna Maria Köck, Willfort R., Ulbrich Armin, Vallant O.

Development of an Empirically Grounded Environment for Virtual Innovation and Creativity

Proceedings of the 20th ISPIM-Conference "The Future of Innovation", Huizingh, E., Torkkeli, M., Conn, S., Bitran, I., Lappeenranta University of Technology Press, 2009


Ley Tobias, Kump Barbara, Ulbrich Armin, Scheir Peter, Lindstaedt Stefanie

A Competence-based Approach for Formalizing Learning Goals in Work-integrated Learning

Proceedings of the ED-Media 2008, Vienna, Austria, June 30-July 4, 2008,, Chesapeake, VA: AACE, 2008

The paper suggests a way to support work-integrated learning for knowledge workwhich poses a great challenge for current research and practice. We first present a WorkplaceLearning Context Model which has been derived by analyzing knowledge work and the knowledgesources used by knowledge workers. The model specifies an integrative view on knowledgeworkers’ work environment by connecting learning, work and knowledge spaces. We then focuson the part of the context which specifies learning goals and their interrelations to task and domainmodels. Our purpose is to support learning needs analysis which is based on a comparison of tasksperformed in the past to those tasks to be tackled in the future. A first implementation in theAPOSDLE project is presented including the models generated for five real world applications andthe software prototype. We close with an outlook on future work.

Lindstaedt Stefanie , Scheir Peter, Ulbrich Armin

Scruffy Technologies to Enable (Work-integrated) Learning

EC-TEL, 2007

The goal of the APOSDLE (Advanced Process-Oriented SelfDirectedLearning environment) project is to support work-integrated learningof knowledge workers. We argue that work-integrated learning requires extremeflexibility on a variety of aspects from supportive learning systems. Thisflexibility can not be achieved by typical (neat) eLearning systems. In this contributionwe present how a battery of scruffy technologies (e.g. combining semantics,associative networks and collective intelligence approaches) can beutilized to achieve this flexibility for user profile maintenance and contextbasedretrieval.

Ulbrich Armin, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Scheir Peter, Goertz M.

A Context-Model for Supporting Work-Integrated Learning

European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovative Approaches for Learning and Knowledge Sharing , Springer, Berlin, 2006

This contribution introduces the so-called Workplace Learning Contextas essential conceptualisation supporting self-directed learning experiencesdirectly at the workplace. The Workplace Learning Context is to be analysedand exploited for retrieving ‘learning’ material that best-possibly matches witha knowledge worker’s current learning needs. In doing so, several different‘flavours’ of work-integrated learning can be realised including task learning,competency-gap based support and domain-related support. The WorkplaceLearning Context Model, which is also outlined in this contribution, forms thetechnical representation of the Workplace Learning Context.

Ulbrich Armin, Kandpal D.

First Steps towards Personalization Concepts in eLearning

Wissensmanagement 2003 - 2. Konferenz Professionelles Wissensmanagement, Luzern/Schweiz, 2.-4.4.2003, Luzern, Schweiz, 2003


Ulbrich Armin, Kandpal D.

Dynamic Personalization in Knowledge-Based Systems from a Strucutural Viewpoint

Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Hicks, D. L., Springer, Graz, Austria, 2003


Kandpal D., Ulbrich Armin

Augmenting knowledge-based systems with dynamic personalization concepts

Proceedings der 4. Oldenburger Fachtagung Wissensmanagement, Oldenburg, Germany, 2003


Ulbrich Armin, Ausserhofer A., Dietinger T., Raback W., Hoitsch P.

Presentational and Interactive Elements for eLearning Courses Considering Behavioral and Constructivist Learning Models

Poster/Demo at ED-Media 2002, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Denver,USA, 2002


Ulbrich Armin, Ausserhofer A.

Aspects of Integrating E-Learning Systems With Knowledge Management

In Proceedings of CATE 2002, International Conference for Advanced Technology in Education, International Association of Science and Technology for Development – IASTED, Cancun Mexico, 2002


Ley Tobias, Ulbrich Armin

Achieving benefits through integrating eLearning and Strategic Knowledge Management

International Workshop on Interactive Computer Aided Learning, Interactive Computer Aided Learning (ICL), Villach, Austria, 2002

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