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Afzal M. T., Latif A., Us Saeed A., Sturm P., Aslam S., Andrews K., Maurer H.

Discovery and Visualization of Expertise in a Scientific Community

Proceedings of the International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT 2009), 2009

In numerous contexts and environments, it is necessary to identify and assign (potential) experts to subject fields. In the context of an academic journal for computer science (J.UCS), papers and reviewers are classified using the ACM classification scheme. This paper describes a system to identify and present potential reviewers for each category from the entire body of paper’s authors. The topical classification hierarchy is visualized as a hyperbolic tree and currently assigned reviewers are listed for a selected node (computer science category). In addition, a spiral visualization is used to overlay a ranked list of further potential reviewers (high-profile authors) around the currently selected category. This new interface eases the task of journal editors in finding and assigning reviewers. The system is also useful for users who want to find research collaborators in specific research areas.
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