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Rubien Raoul, Ziak Hermann, Kern Roman

Efficient Search Result Diversification via Query Expansion Using Knowledge Bases

Proceedings of 12th International Workshop on Text-based Information Retrieval (TIR), 2015

Underspecified search queries can be performed via result list diversification approaches, which are often compu- tationally complex and require longer response times. In this paper, we explore an alternative, and more efficient way to diversify the result list based on query expansion. To that end, we used a knowledge base pseudo-relevance feedback algorithm. We compared our algorithm to IA-Select, a state-of-the-art diversification method, using its intent-aware version of the NDCG (Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain) metric. The results indicate that our approach can guarantee a similar extent of diversification as IA-Select. In addition, we showed that the supported query language of the underlying search engines plays an important role in the query expansion based on diversification. Therefore, query expansion may be an alternative when result diversification is not feasible, for example in federated search systems where latency and the quantity of handled search results are critical issues.
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