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Lux M., Granitzer Michael, Kienreich Wolfgang, Sabol Vedran, Klieber Hans-Werner, Sarka W.

Cross Media Retrieval in Knowledge Discovery

Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, Vienna, Austria, 2004


Bailer Werner, Mayer H., Neuschmied H., Haas W., Lux M., Klieber Hans-Werner

Content-based Video Retrieval and Summarization using MPEG-7

Proceedings of Electronic Imaging 2004, Internet Imaging V, San Jose, CA, USA, 2004

Retrieval in current multimedia databases is usually limited to browsing and searching based on low-level visual features and explicit textual descriptors. Semantic aspects of visual information are mainly described in full text attributes or mapped onto specialized, application specific description schemes. Result lists of queries are commonly represented by textual descriptions and single key frames. This approach is valid for text documents and images, but is often insufficient to represent video content in a meaningful way. In this paper we present a multimedia retrieval framework focusing on video objects, which fully relies on the MPEG-7 standard as information base. It provides a content-based retrieval interface which uses hierarchical content-based video summaries to allow for quick viewing and browsing through search results even on bandwidth limited Web applications. Additionally semantic meaning about video content can be annotated based on domain specific ontologies, enabling a more targeted search for content. Our experiences and results with these techniques will be discussed in this paper.

Lux M., Klieber Hans-Werner, Granitzer Michael

Caliph & Emir: Semantics in Multimedia Retrieval and Annotation

19th CODATA Conference, Berlin, Berlin, 2004

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