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Jones S., Lynch P., Maiden N., Lindstaedt Stefanie

Use and Influence of Creative Ideas and Requirements for a Work-Integrated Learning System

proceedings of the RE08, 16th International Requirements Engineering Conference, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, September 8-12, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2008

In this paper, we describe a creativity workshop thatwas used in a large research project, called APOSDLE,to generate creative ideas and requirements for a workintegratedlearning system. We present an analysis ofempirical data collected during and after the workshop.On the basis of this analysis, we conclude that the workshopwas an efficient way of generating ideas for futuresystem development. These ideas, on average, were usedat least as much as requirements from other sources inwriting use cases, and 18 months after the workshop wereseen to have a similar degree of influence on the projectto other requirements. We make some observations aboutthe use of more and less creative ideas, and about thetechniques used to generate them. We end with suggestionsfor further work.

Lindstaedt Stefanie , Jones S.

A Multi-Activity Distributed Participatory Design Process for Stimulating Creativity in the Specification of requirements for a Work-Integrated Learning System

Workshop on Distributed Participatory Designat the 26th Computer Human Interaction Conference (CHI2008), Florence, Italy, 2008

We describe the approach to distributed participatorydesign taken within the APOSDLE project. The processincluded instances of both synchronous andasynchronous, distributed and non-distributed designactivities, and also integrated activities designed tostimulate creative inputs to requirements. We reportkey lessons learned.

Ley Tobias, Kump Barbara, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Albert D., Maiden N. A. M., Jones S.

Competence and Performance in Requirements Engineering: Bringing Learning to the Workplace

in: Tomadaki, E., Scott, P. (Eds.), Innovative Approaches for Learning and Knowledge Sharing, EC-TEL 2006 Workshops Proceedings, ISSN 1613-0073, Milton Keynes: Open University., Milton Keynes: Open University., 2006

Challenges for learning in knowledge work are being discussed.These include the challenge to better support self-directed learning whileaddressing the organizational goals and constraints at the same time, andproviding guidance for learning. The use of competencies is introduced as away to deal with these challenges. Specifically, the competence performanceapproach offers ways to better leverage organizational context and to supportinformal learning interventions. A case study illustrates the application of thecompetence performance approach for the learning domain of requirementsengineering. We close with conclusions and an outlook on future work.
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