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Pammer-Schindler Viktoria, Thalmann Stefan, Fessl Angela, Füssel Julia

Virtualizing face-2-face trainings for training senior professionals: A Comparative Case Study on Financial Auditor

AC, London, 2018

Traditionally, professional learning for senior professionalsis organized around face-2-face trainings. Virtual trainingsseem to offer an opportunity to reduce costs related to traveland travel time. In this paper we present a comparative casestudy that investigates the differences between traditionalface-2-face trainings in physical reality, and virtualtrainings via WebEx. Our goal is to identify how the way ofcommunication impacts interaction between trainees,between trainees and trainers, and how it impactsinterruptions. We present qualitative results fromobservations and interviews of three cases in differentsetups (traditional classroom, web-based with allparticipants co-located, web-based with all participants atdifferent locations) and with overall 25 training participantsand three trainers. The study is set within one of the BigFour global auditing companies, with advanced seniorauditors as learning cohort
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