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Divitini Monica, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Pammer-Schindler Viktoria, Ley Tobias

ECTEL meets ECSCW: Computer-Support for Integrated Working and Learning

ECSCW 2013 Adjunct Proceedings

With this workshop, we intend to bring together the European communities of technology-enhanced learning, which typically meets at the ECTEL, and of computersupported cooperative work, which typically meets at the ECSCW. While the ECTEL community has traditionally focused on technology support for learning, be it in formal learning environments like schools, universities, etc. or in informal learning environments like workplaces, the ECSCW community has traditionally investigated how computers can and do mediate and influence collaborative work, in settings as diverse as the typical “gainful employment” situations, project work within university courses, volunteer settings in NGOs etc. Despite overlapping areas of concerns, the two communities are also exploiting different theories and methodological approaches. Within this workshop, we discuss issues that are relevant for both communities, and have the potential to contribute to a more lively communication between both communities.
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