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Lindstaedt Stefanie , Dietrich W., Koronakis P., Strohmaier M.

Knowledge Problems in Process Oriented Organizations: A Pattern Approach

WM 2005: Professional Knowledge Management Experiences and Visions, Contributions to the 3rd Conference Professional Knowledge Management, April 10-13, 2005, DFKI, Kaiserslautern, 2005

This contribution introduces a novel approach for the identificationof knowledge problems in process-oriented organizations. On anoperative level, knowledge problems occur when the generation, storage,transfer or application of knowledge is not in accordance with an organization’sbusiness goals. The concept of knowledge problem patternsrepresents a sound instrument to point organizations to such shortcomingsand thereby opens up solution spaces for overcoming them. Thiscontribution briefly introduces a set of knowledge problem patterns andan accompanying process of applying them in real world environments- both supported by empirical data generated in three conducted casestudies. The concepts of this work provide new stimuli and insights forcurrent research in the domain of business process oriented knowledgemodelling and -audits.
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