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Cuder Gerald, Baumgartner Christian

A data mining strategy for the search and classification of gene expression data in cancer

ÖGBMT - Jahrestagung 201, ÖGBMT - Österreichische Gesellschaft für Biomedizinische Techni, Hall in Tirol, 2018

Cancer is one of the most uprising diseases in our modern society and is defined by an uncontrolled growth of tissue. This growth is caused by mutation on the cellular level. In this thesis, a data-mining workflow was developed to find these responsible genes among thousands of irrelevant ones in three microarray datasets of different cancer types by applying machine learning methods such as classification and gene selection. In this work, four state-of-the-art selection algorithms are compared with a more sophisticated method, termed Stacked-Feature Ranking (SFR), further increasing the discriminatory ability in gene selection.

Cuder Gerald, Breitfuß Gert, Kern Roman

E-Mobility and Big Data - Data Utilization of Charging Operations

Proceedings of XXIX ISPIM Conference, Stockholm, 2018

Electric vehicles have enjoyed a substantial growth in recent years. One essential part to ensure their success in the future is a well-developed and easy-to-use charging infrastructure. Since charging stations generate a lot of (big) data, gaining useful information out of this data can help to push the transition to E-Mobility. In a joint research project, the Know-Center, together with the GmbH applied data analytics methods and visualization technologies on the provided data sets. One objective of the research project is, to provide a consumption forecast based on the historical consumption data. Based on this information, the operators of charging stations are able to optimize the energy supply. Additionally, the infrastructure data were analysed with regard to "predictive maintenance", aiming to optimize the availability of the charging stations. Furthermore, advanced prediction algorithms were applied to provide services to the end user regarding availability of charging stations.
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