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Renner Bettina, Wesiak Gudrun, Cress, U.

Quantified self app usage tested in the workplace.

17th congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), 2015

Purpose: This contribution relates the Quantified Self approach to computer supported workplace learning. It shows results of a large field study where 12 different apps where used in several work contexts. Design/Methodology: Participants used the apps during their work and during training sessions to track their behaviour and mood at work and capture problematic experiences. Data capturing was either automatically, e.g. tracking program usage on a computer, or by participants manually documenting their experiences. Users then reflected individually or collaboratively about their experiences. Results: Results show that participants liked the apps and used the opportunity to learn something from their work experiences. Users evaluated apps as useful for professional training and having long-term benefits when used in the work life. Computer supported reflection about own data and experiences seems to have especially potential where new processes happen, e.g. with unexperienced workers or in training settings. Limitations: Apps were used in the wild so control about potential external influencing factors is limited. Research/Practical Implications: Results show a successful application of apps supporting individual learning in the work life. This shows that the concept of Quantified Self is not limited to private life but also has chances to foster vocational development. Originality/Value: This contribution combines the pragmatic Quantified Self approach with the theoretical background of reflective learning. It presents data from a broad-based study of using such apps in real work life. The results of the study give insights about its potential in this area and about possible influencing factors and barriers.
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