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Lindstaedt Stefanie , Christl Conny

APOSDLE-learn@work: Firsthand Experiences and Lessons Learned

Work-Integrated Learning in Engineering, Built Environment and Technology: Diversity of Practice in Practice, IGI Global

This chapter presents a domain-independent computational environment which supports work-integrated learning at the professional workplace. The Advanced Process-Oriented Self-Directed Learning Environment (APOSDLE) provides learning support during the execution of work tasks (instead of beforehand), within the work environment of the user (instead of within a separate learning system), and repurposes content which was not originally intended for learning (instead of relying on the expensive manual creation of learning material). Since this definition of work-integrated learning might differ from other definitions employed within this book, a short summary of the theoretical background is provided. Along the example of the company Innovation Service Network (ISN), a network of SME’s, a rich and practical description of the deployment and usage of APOSDLE is given. The chapter provides the reader with firsthand experiences and discusses efforts and lessons learned, backed up with experiences gained in two other application settings, namely EADS in France and a Chamber of Commerce and industry in Germany.
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