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Barreiros Carla, Veas Eduardo Enrique, Pammer-Schindler Viktoria

Bringing Nature into Our Lives - Using Biophilic Design and Calm Computing Principles to Improve Well-Being and Performance

Human-Computer Interaction. Interaction in Context., Kurosu, Masaaki, Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2018

In the context of the Internet of Things (IoT), every device have sensing and computing capabilities to enhance many aspects of human life. There are more and more IoT devices in our homes and at our workplaces, and they still depend on human expertise and intervention for tasks as maintenance and (re)configuration. Using biophilic design and calm computing principles, we developed a nature-inspired representation, BioIoT, to communicate sensor information. This visual language contributes to the users’ well-being and performance while being as easy to understand as traditional data representations. Our work is based on the assumption that if machines are perceived to be more like living beings, users will take better care of them, which ideally would translate into a better device maintenance. In addition, the users’ overall well-being can be improved by bringing nature to their lives. In this work, we present two use case scenarios under which the BioIoT concept can be applied and demonstrate its potential benefits in households and at workplaces.

Cicchinelli Analia, Veas Eduardo Enrique, Pardo Abelardo, Pammer-Schindler Viktoria, Fessl Angela, Barreiros Carla, Lindstaedt Stefanie

Finding traces of self-regulated learning in activity streams

ACM Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge, LAK , ACM, ACM, 2018

This paper aims to identify self-regulation strategies from students' interactions with the learning management system (LMS). We used learning analytics techniques to identify metacognitive and cognitive strategies in the data. We define three research questions that guide our studies analyzing i) self-assessments of motivation and self regulation strategies using standard methods to draw a baseline, ii) interactions with the LMS to find traces of self regulation in observable indicators, and iii) self regulation behaviours over the course duration. The results show that the observable indicators can better explain self-regulatory behaviour and its influence in performance than preliminary subjective assessments.

Barreiros Carla, Veas Eduardo Enrique, Pammer-Schindler Viktoria

Can a green thumb make the difference? Using a Nature Metaphor to Communicate Sensor Information of a Coffee Machine

IEEE Consumers Electronics Magazine, 2018

This paper describes a novel visual metaphor to communicate sensor information of a connected device. The Internet of Things aims to extend every device with sensing and computing capabilities. A byproduct is that even domestic machines become increasingly complex, tedious to understand and maintain. This paper presents a prototype instrumenting a coffee machine with sensors. The machine streams the sensor data, which is picked up by an augmented reality application serving a nature metaphor. The nature metaphor, BioAR, represents the status derived from the coffee machine sensors in the features of a 3D virtual tree. The tree is meant to pass for a living proxy of the machine it represents. The metaphor, shown either with AR or a simple holographic display, reacts to the user manipulation of the machine and its workings. A first user study validates that the representation is correctly understood, and that it inspires affect for the machine. A second user study validates that the metaphor scales to a large number of machines.
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