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Santos Tiago, Kern Roman

A Literature Survey of Early Time Series Classification and Deep Learning

SamI40 workshop at i-KNOW'16, 2016

This paper provides an overview of current literature on timeseries classification approaches, in particular of early timeseries classification.A very common and effective time series classification ap-proach is the 1-Nearest Neighbor classifier, with differentdistance measures such as the Euclidean or dynamic timewarping distances. This paper starts by reviewing thesebaseline methods.More recently, with the gain in popularity in the applica-tion of deep neural networks to the field of computer vision,research has focused on developing deep learning architec-tures for time series classification as well. The literature inthe field of deep learning for time series classification hasshown promising results.Early time series classification aims to classify a time se-ries with as few temporal observations as possible, whilekeeping the loss of classification accuracy at a minimum.Prominent early classification frameworks reviewed by thispaper include, but are not limited to, ECTS, RelClass andECDIRE. These works have shown that early time seriesclassification may be feasible and performant, but they alsoshow room for improvement
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