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Kowald Dominik, Seitlinger Paul, Kopeinik Simone, Ley Tobias, Trattner Christoph

Forgetting the Words but Remembering the Meaning: Modeling Forgetting in a Verbal and Semantic Tag Recommender

Mining, Modeling, and Recommending'Things' in Social Media, MSM'2015, Springer, 2015

We assume that recommender systems are more successful,when they are based on a thorough understanding of how people processinformation. In the current paper we test this assumption in the contextof social tagging systems. Cognitive research on how people assign tagshas shown that they draw on two interconnected levels of knowledge intheir memory: on a conceptual level of semantic fields or LDA topics,and on a lexical level that turns patterns on the semantic level intowords. Another strand of tagging research reveals a strong impact oftime-dependent forgetting on users' tag choices, such that recently usedtags have a higher probability being reused than "older" tags. In thispaper, we align both strands by implementing a computational theory ofhuman memory that integrates the two-level conception and the processof forgetting in form of a tag recommender. Furthermore, we test theapproach in three large-scale social tagging datasets that are drawn fromBibSonomy, CiteULike and Flickr.As expected, our results reveal a selective effect of time: forgetting ismuch more pronounced on the lexical level of tags. Second, an extensiveevaluation based on this observation shows that a tag recommender interconnectingthe semantic and lexical level based on a theory of humancategorization and integrating time-dependent forgetting on the lexicallevel results in high accuracy predictions and outperforms other wellestablishedalgorithms, such as Collaborative Filtering, Pairwise InteractionTensor Factorization, FolkRank and two alternative time-dependentapproaches. We conclude that tag recommenders will benefit from goingbeyond the manifest level of word co-occurrences, and from includingforgetting processes on the lexical level.
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