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Tatzgern Markus, Grasset Raphael, Veas Eduardo Enrique, Schmalstieg Dieter

Exploring real world points of interest: Design and evaluation of object-centric exploration techniques for augmented reality

Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Elsevier, 2015

Augmented reality (AR) enables users to retrieve additional information about real world objects and locations. Exploring such location-based information in AR requires physical movement to different viewpoints, which may be tiring and even infeasible when viewpoints are out of reach. In this paper, we present object-centric exploration techniques for handheld AR that allow users to access information freely using a virtual copy metaphor. We focus on the design of techniques that allow the exploration of large real world objects. We evaluated our interfaces in a series of studies in controlled conditions and compared them to a 3D map interface, which is a more common method for accessing location-based information. Based on our findings, we put forward design recommendations that should be considered by future generations of location-based AR browsers, 3D tourist guides or situated urban planning.
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