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Stegmaier Florian, Seifert Christin, Kern Roman, Höfler Patrick, Bayerl Sebastian, Granitzer Michael, Kosch Harald, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Mutlu Belgin, Sabol Vedran, Schlegel Kai

Unleashing semantics of research data

Specifying Big Data Benchmarks, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2014

Research depends to a large degree on the availability and quality of primary research data, i.e., data generated through experiments and evaluations. While the Web in general and Linked Data in particular provide a platform and the necessary technologies for sharing, managing and utilizing research data, an ecosystem supporting those tasks is still missing. The vision of the CODE project is the establishment of a sophisticated ecosystem for Linked Data. Here, the extraction of knowledge encapsulated in scientific research paper along with its public release as Linked Data serves as the major use case. Further, Visual Analytics approaches empower end users to analyse, integrate and organize data. During these tasks, specific Big Data issues are present.

Granitzer MIchael, Veas Eduardo Enrique, Seifert C.

Linked Data Query Wizard: A Novel Interface for Accessing SPARQL Endpoints.

LDOW, 2014

In an interconnected world, Linked Data is more importantthan ever before. However, it is still quite di cult to accessthis new wealth of semantic data directly without havingin-depth knowledge about SPARQL and related semantictechnologies. Also, most people are currently used to consumingdata as 2-dimensional tables. Linked Data is by de -nition always a graph, and not that many people are used tohandle data in graph structures. Therefore we present theLinked Data Query Wizard, a web-based tool for displaying,accessing, ltering, exploring, and navigating Linked Datastored in SPARQL endpoints. The main innovation of theinterface is that it turns the graph structure of Linked Datainto a tabular interface and provides easy-to-use interactionpossibilities by using metaphors and techniques from currentsearch engines and spreadsheet applications that regular webusers are already familiar with.
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