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Helic Denis, Körner C., Granitzer Michael, Strohmaier M., Trattner Christoph

Navigational efficiency of broad vs. narrow folksonomies

In Proceedings of the 23rd Conference on Hypertext and Social Media (HT2012). ACM, 2012, 2012

Although many social tagging systems share a common tripartitegraph structure, the collaborative processes that aregenerating these structures can differ significantly. For example,while resources on Delicious are usually tagged by allusers who bookmark the web page, photos on Flickrare usually tagged just by a single user who uploads thephoto. In the literature, this distinction has been describedas a distinction between broad vs. narrow folksonomies.This paper sets out to explore navigational differences betweenbroad and narrow folksonomies in social hypertextualsystems. We study both kinds of folksonomies on a datasetprovided by Mendeley - a collaborative platform where userscan annotate and organize scientific articles with tags. Ourexperiments suggest that broad folksonomies are more usefulfor navigation, and that the collaborative processes thatare generating folksonomies matter qualitatively. Our findingsare relevant for system designers and engineers aimingto improve the navigability of social tagging systems.

Strohmaier M., Helic Denis, Benz D., Körner C., Kern Roman

Evaluation of Folksonomy Induction Algorithms

In the ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, 3(4), 2012, 2012

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