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Noaa Barak, Burgos Daniel, Specht Marcus, De Vries Fred, Camilleri Anthony, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Persico Donatella

D5. 2-Stakeholder engagement plan, report on Guidelines and Monitoring tools-metrics


This document describes the Guidelines, strategy, tools and methods for establishing the STELLAR stakeholders’ network and engaging with the TEL stakeholders. The overall aim of WP5 is to build a TEL community level capacity, with five main objectives: The STELLAR consortium aims to unify the leading institutions and projects in European Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) in a Network of Excellence (NoE). As part of this, it aims to reduce community fragmentation by bringing together the key stakeholders in European TEL and stimulate ongoing knowledge exchange between them. This is the work of WP5.

Windrum Caroline, Joubert Marie, Barak Noaa, Specht Marcus, De Vries Fred, Persico Donatella, Camilleri Anthony, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Kraker Peter, Herder Eelco, Wild Fridolin, Duval Erik

D5. 3.1-Report on community building with Stakeholders


This report provides the first of three annual reports on the progress of Work Package 5. It describes what has been achieved in the first year of activity related to the 5 tasks outlined in the Description of Work.Task 1 Stakeholder Analysis and Initiation of Activities. Establishment of Stakeholder Panel, monitoring tools, and metrics.Task 3 Stakeholder Needs Analysis.Elaboration and Showcasing: Two way communications with the rest of STELLAR WPs.Implementation of Synergetic Activities: Involvement in conferences/ workshops.
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