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Kraker Peter, Fessl Angela, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Ullmann T.D., Wild F., Scott P., Duval E., Vandeputte B., Parra G., Reinhardt W., Heinze N., Nagel T., Gillet D.

Components of a Research 2.0 Infrastructure

EC-TEL 2010: Fifth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, Wolpers, M., Kirschner, P. A., Scheffel, M., Lindstaedt, S. N., Dimitrova, V., Springer, 2010

In this paper, we investigate the components of a Research 2.0infrastructure. We propose building blocks and their concrete implementationto leverage Research 2.0 practice and technologies in our field, including apublication feed format for exchanging publication data, a RESTful API toretrieve publication and Web 2.0 data, and a publisher suit for refining andaggregating data. We illustrate the use of this infrastructure with Research 2.0application examples ranging from a Mash-Up environment, a mobile andmultitouch application, thereby demonstrating the strength of thisinfrastructure.

Lindstaedt Stefanie , Kraker Peter, Höfler Patrick, Fessl Angela

Feeding TEL: Building an Ecosystem Around BuRST to Convey Publication Metadata

Research 2.0 Workshop EC-TEL 2010, 2010

In this paper we present an ecosystem for the lightweight exchangeof publication metadata based on the principles of Web 2.0. At the heart of thisecosystem, semantically enriched RSS feeds are used for dissemination. Thesefeeds are complemented by services for creation and aggregation, as well aswidgets for retrieval and visualization of publication metadata. In twoscenarios, we show how these publication feeds can benefit institutions,researchers, and the TEL community. We then present the formats, services,and widgets developed for the bootstrapping of the ecosystem. We concludewith an outline of the integration of publication feeds with the STELLARNetwork of Excellence1 and an outlook on future developments.
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