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Balacheff, Nicolas, Bottino, Rosa, Fischer, Frank, Hofmann, Lena, Joubert, Marie, Kieslinger, Barbara, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Manca, Stefanie, Ney, Muriel, Pozzi, Francesca, Sutherland, Rosamund, Verbert, Katrien, Timmis, Sue, Wild, Fridolin, Scott, Peter, Specht, Marcus

D1.1 The STELLAR vision and strategy statement


This First TEL Grand Challenge Vision and Strategy Report aims to: • provide a unifying framework for members of STELLAR (including doctoral candidates) to develop their own research agenda • engage the STELLAR community in scientific debate and discussion with the long term aim of developing awareness of and respect for different theoretical and methodological perspectives • build knowledge related to the STELLAR grand challenges through the construction of a wiki that is iteratively co‐edited throughout the life of the STELLAR network • develop understandings of the way in which web 2.0 technologies can be used to construct knowledge within a research community (science 2.0) • develop strategies for ways in which the STELLAR instruments can feed into the ongoing development of the wiki and how the they can be used to address the challenges highlighted in this report.

Pozzi, Francesca, Persico, Donatella, Fischer, Frank, Hofmann, Lena, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Cress, Ulrike, Rath Andreas S., Moskaliuk, Johannes, Weber, Nicolas, Kimmerle, Joachim, Devaurs Didier, Ney, Muriel, Gonçalves, Celso, Balacheff, Nicolas, Schwartz, Claudine, Bosson, Jean-Luc, Dillenbourg, Pierre, Jermann, Patrick, Zufferey, Guillaume, Brown, Elisabeth, Sharples, Mike, Windrum, Caroline, Specht, Marcus, Börner, Dirk, Glahn, Christian, Fiedler, Sebastian, Fisichella, Marco, Herder, Eelco, Marenzi, Ivana, Nejdl, Wolfgang, Kawese, Ricardo, Papadakis, George

D1.2 Trends in Connecting Learners. First Research & Technology Scouting Report


In this first STELLAR trend report we survey the more distant future of TEL, as reflected in the roadmaps; we compare the visions with trends in TEL research and TEL practice. This generic overview is complemented by a number of small-scale studies, which focus on a specific technology, approach or pedagogical model.
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