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Latif A., Afzal M. T., Höfler Patrick, Us Saeed A.

Turning Keywords into URIs: Simplified User Interfaces for Exploring Linked Data

ACM Proceeding of ICIS 2009. ISBN: 978-1-60558-710-3, 2009

The Semantic Web strives to add structure and meaning to the Web, thereby providing better results and easier interfaces for its users. One important foundation of the Semantic Web is Linked Data, the concept of interconnected data, describing resources by use of RDF and URIs. Linked Data (LOD) provides the opportunity to explore and combine datasets on a global scale -- something which has never been possible before. However, at its current stage, the Linked Data cloud yields little benefit for end users who know nothing of ontologies, triples and SPARQL. This paper presents an intelligent technique for locating desired URIs from the huge repository of Linked Data. Search keywords provided by users are utilized intelligently for locating the intended URI. The proposed technique has been applied in a simplified end user interface for LOD. The system evaluation shows that the proposed technique has reduced user's cognitive load in finding relevant information.

Latif A., Afzal M. T., Us Saeed A., Höfler Patrick

CAF-SIAL: Concept Aggregation Framework for Structuring Informational Aspects of Linked Open Data

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Networked Digital Technologies (NDT 2009), 2009


Latif A., Höfler Patrick, Us Saeed A., Wagner C., Stocker A.

The Linked Data Value Chain: A Lightweight Model for Business Engineers

Conference Proceedings of I-SEMANTICS '09, Paschke, A., Weigand, H., Behrendt, W., Tochtermann, K., Pellegrini, T. , Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz, 2009

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