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Lex Elisabeth, Kienreich Wolfgang, Granitzer Michael, Seifert C.

A generic framework for visualizing the news article domain and its application to real-world data

Journal of Digital Information Management, 2008


Kump Barbara, Kienreich Wolfgang, Granitzer Gisela, Granitzer Michael, Seifert C.

On the beauty and usability of tag clouds

Proceedings of the 12 International Conference on Information Visualization (IV2008), London, UK, July 9-11, 2008, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2008


Granitzer Michael, Seifert C., Zechner Mario

Context Resolution Strategies for Automatic Wikipedia Linking

INEX 2008 pre-proceedings, Dagstuhl, Germany, Geva, S., Kamps, J., Trotman, A., Shlomo Geva and Jaap Kamps and Andrew Trotman (Eds.), 2008


Kienreich Wolfgang, Lex Elisabeth, Seifert C.

APA Labs: An Experimental Web-Based Platform for the Retrieval and Analysis of News Articles

Proceedings of the first International Conference on the Applications and Digital Information and Web Technologies (ICADIWT08), 2008

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