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Scharl A., Weichselbraun A., Hubmann-Haidvogel A., Stern Hermann, Wohlgenannt G., Zibold D.

Media Watch on Climate Change: Building and Visualizing Contextualized Information Spaces

6th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC-2007), Semantic Web Challenge 2007, 2007


Weichselbraun A., Wohlgenannt G., Scharl A., Granitzer Michael, Neidhart T., Juffinger A.

Applying Vector Space Models to Ontology Link Type Suggestion

Proceedings of 4th IEEE International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology, Dubai, 2007, 2007


Scharl A.

The Geospatial Web: How Geobrowsers, Social Software and the Web 2.0 are Shaping the Network Society

Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing Series 2007, London: Springer, ISBN 1-84628-826-6, 2007


Granitzer Michael, Scharl A., Weichselbraun A., Neidhart T., Wohlgenannt G.

Automated Ontology Learning and Validation using Hypothesis Testing

Proceedings of the Atlantic Web Intelligence Conference AWIC 200, Advances in Soft Computing, Springer, 2007


Juffinger A., Neidhart T., Granitzer Michael, Kern Roman, Weichselbraun A., Wohlgenannt G., Scharl A.

Distributed Web2.0 Crawling for Ontology Evolution

Proc.of 2nd IEEE International Conference on Digital Information Management, Lyon, 2007, 2007

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