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Sabol Vedran, Gütl Christian, Neidhart T., Juffinger A., Klieber Hans-Werner, Granitzer Michael

Visualization Metaphors for Multi-modal Meeting

Workshop Multimedia Semantics - The Role of Metadata (WMSRM 07), Proceedings Band "Aachener Informatik Berichte", Aachen, 2007

The MISTRAL system, a service oriented architecture for semanticextraction of multimedia data from meeting recordings is described shortly. Itimproves on other similar systems by extracting a variety of semantic metadatafrom one media type and integrating it with concepts derived from other mediatypes, as well as by adding inference capabilities to resolve ambiguities and furtherenrich extracted data. On top of this state-of-the-art extraction functionality anumber of semantic-based, cross-modal visual applications for exploration andretrieval of extraction results were developed. Three selected applications,implemented upon the MISTRAL’s semantic application architecture, arepresented and described into detail in this paper.
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