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Zimmermann Volker, Fredrich Helge, Grohmann Guido, Hauer Dominik, Sprenger Peter, Leyking Katrina, Martin Gunnar, Loos Peter, Naeve Ambjörn, Karapidis Alexander, Pack Jochen, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Chatti Mohamed Amine, Klamma Ralf, Jarke Matthias, Lefere Paul

PROLEARN framework for process-oriented learning and knowledge work


Given the importance of an organisation’s human capital to business success, aligning training and competencydevelopment with business needs is a key challenge. Many companies did initiate in the pastknowledge management activities or founded corporate universities as the organization intended to helpcompanies to face this challenge. In this deliverable, we talk about knowledge work and learning managementas a concept to “increase business performance” through a better short- and long-term learningapproach for people at management level. The aim is to provide a guideline for corporate users based onour and others' experiences of implementing solutions for knowledge work and learning. This is connectedto many forms and methods of learning: formal learning processes, informal learning, team learning,collaboration, social networking, community building etc. In many companies, managers think thatknowledge work can be supported solely by offering courses and enabling to access content on demand.In this deliverable this aspect (ACQUIRING knowledge) will not be in focus as it is more the job of atraining department to manage courses and catalogues. Instead we focus on APPLYING knowledge. Theconcept of knowledge work management comes into place, when companies see the ability of their employeesto APPLY their education and knowledge as a strategic instrument to create competitiveness andlook for tools to provide learning and knowledge at workplace on demand and fitting to the individualneeds. And this objective is very actual as the globalization creates pressure on companies and theknowledge and experience of the employees gets the most important differentiator to competitors – leadingto better innovation, faster processes, higher productivity and lower costs. In this deliverable, anoverall approach and guideline for companies will be provided on how to implement knowledge workmanagement and provide learning according to the needs in business and resulting from business processes.
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