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Lindstaedt Stefanie , Mayer H.

A Storyboard of the APOSDLE Vision

In W. Nejdl and K. Tochtermann (Eds.), Innovative Approaches for Learning and Knowledge Sharing (LNCS 4227) European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, Springer, Berlin, 2006

The goal of the APOSDLE (Advanced Process-Oriented SelfDirectedLearning environment) project is to enhance knowledge worker productivityby supporting informal learning activities in the context of knowledgeworkers’ everyday work processes and within their work environments. Thiscontribution seeks to communicate the ideas behind this abstract vision to thereader by using a storyboard, scenarios and mock-ups. The project just startedin March 2006 and is funded within the European Commission’s 6th FrameworkProgram under the IST work program. APOSDLE is an Integrated Projectjointly coordinated by the Know-Center, Austria’s Competence Centre forKnowledge Management, and Joanneum Research. APOSDLE brings together12 partners from 7 European Countries.
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