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Scheir Peter, Granitzer Michael, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Hofmair P.

The OntologyMapper plug-in: Supporting Semantic Annotation of Text-Documents by Classification

Semantic Systems From Vision to Applications - Proceedings of the SEMANTICS 2006, Vienna, Austria, November 28-30, 2006, Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft, Wien, 2006

In this contribution we present a tool for annotating documents, which are used for workintegratedlearning, with concepts from an ontology. To allow for annotating directly whilecreating or editing an ontology, the tool was realized as a plug-in for the ontology editor Protégé.Annotating documents with semantic metadata is a laborious task, most of the time knowledgerepresentations are created independently from the resources that should be annotated andadditionally in most work environments a high number of documents exist. To increase theefficiency of the person annotating, in our tool the process of assigning concepts to text-documentsis supported by automatic text-classification.
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