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Westbomke J., Kussmaul A., Raiber A., Haase M., Hicks D., Lindstaedt Stefanie

Knowledge Management within Digital Libraries by means of Personalization

Journal of Universal Computer Science (J.UCS), Proceedings of I-KNOW02, 2nd International Conference on Knowledge Management, July 11-12, 2002, Graz, Austria, 2002

This paper presents research results obtained from the project Personal AdaptableDigital Library Environment (PADDLE). The main focus of the DFG funded research projectis to apply concepts of knowledge management to digital libraries by introducingpersonalization techniques. The idea is to enable the specific needs, experiences, skills andtasks of a knowledge worker using a digital library could be taken into account. Metadata is thekey issue for doing this. Therefore the PADDLE system architecture describes a metadatamanager, which allows the association of metadata with the knowledge objects stored indistributed information resources. Based on this architecture several personalization conceptslike workspaces and profiles are introduced. Finally, a geographic information portal isdescribed that realizes a new way of seeking and accessing geodata related knowledge objectswithin a digital library.
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