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Kalkofen Denis, Veas Eduardo Enrique, Zollmann Stefanie, Steinberger Markus, Schmalstieg Dieter

Adaptive ghosted views for augmented reality

Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), 2013 IEEE International Symposium on, IEEE, 2013

In Augmented Reality (AR), ghosted views allow a viewer to ex-plore hidden structure within the real-world environment. A bodyof previous work has explored which features are suitable to sup-port the structural interplay between occluding and occluded ele-ments. However, the dynamics of AR environments pose seriouschallenges to the presentation of ghosted views. While a modelof the real world may help determine distinctive structural features,changes in appearance or illumination detriment the composition ofoccluding and occluded structure. In this paper, we present an ap-proach that considers the information value of the scene before andafter generating the ghosted view. Hereby, a contrast adjustment ofpreserved occluding features is calculated, which adaptively variestheir visual saliency within the ghosted view visualization. This al-lows us to not only preserve important features, but to also supporttheir prominence after revealing occluded structure, thus achieving a positive effect on the perception of ghosted views.
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