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Tschinkel Gerwald, Veas Eduardo Enrique, Mutlu Belgin, Sabol Vedran

Using semantics for interactive visual analysis of linked open data

Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Posters & Demonstrations Track-Volume 1272, CEUR-WS. org, 2014

Providing easy to use methods for visual analysis of LinkedData is often hindered by the complexity of semantic technologies. Onthe other hand, semantic information inherent to Linked Data providesopportunities to support the user in interactively analysing the data. Thispaper provides a demonstration of an interactive, Web-based visualisa-tion tool, the “Vis Wizard”, which makes use of semantics to simplify theprocess of setting up visualisations, transforming the data and, most im-portantly, interactively analysing multiple datasets using brushing andlinking method

Mutlu Belgin, Tschinkel Gerwald, Veas Eduardo Enrique, Sabol Vedran, Stegmaier Florian, Granitzer Michael

Suggesting visualisations for published data

Information Visualization Theory and Applications (IVAPP), 2014 International Conference on, IEEE, 2014

Research papers are published in various digital libraries, which deploy their own meta-models and tech-nologies to manage, query, and analyze scientific facts therein. Commonly they only consider the meta-dataprovided with each article, but not the contents. Hence, reaching into the contents of publications is inherentlya tedious task. On top of that, scientific data within publications are hardcoded in a fixed format (e.g. tables).So, even if one manages to get a glimpse of the data published in digital libraries, it is close to impossibleto carry out any analysis on them other than what was intended by the authors. More effective querying andanalysis methods are required to better understand scientific facts. In this paper, we present the web-basedCODE Visualisation Wizard, which provides visual analysis of scientific facts with emphasis on automatingthe visualisation process, and present an experiment of its application. We also present the entire analyticalprocess and the corresponding tool chain, including components for extraction of scientific data from publica-tions, an easy to use user interface for querying RDF knowledge bases, and a tool for semantic annotation ofscientific data set
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