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Timbrell G., Koller S., Lindstaedt Stefanie

Improving Service Innovation through Structured Process-oriented Knowledge Infrastructure Design

Proceedings of the I-KNOW`05, 5th International Conference on Knowledge Management, Springer, Graz, Austria, 2005

Formalised service innovation is a central tenet of enterprise systems lifecyclephases. Event driven process models extended with knowledge objects are found to be notuseful in early lifecycle phases. When an upgrade is required, a map of the knowledgeinfrastructure is needed to better design further service innovation because functional maps nolonger adequately describe the context adequately. By looking at formal changes to businessprocesses as service innovations, and recognising the knowledge infrastructure inherent inservices generally, changes driven through technology such as ES can be better understoodwith the application of frameworks such as B-KIDE.

Timbrell G., Koller S., Schefe N., Lindstaedt Stefanie

A Knowledge Infrastructure Hierarchy Model for Call-Centre Processes

Journal of Universal Computer Science, 2005

This paper explores a process view of call-centres and the knowledge infrastructuresthat support these processes. As call-centres grow and become more complex in their functionand organisation so do the knowledge infrastructures required to support their size andcomplexity. This study suggests a knowledge-based hierarchy of ‘advice-type’ call-centres anddiscusses associated knowledge management strategies for different sized centres. It introducesa Knowledge Infrastructure Hierarchy model, with which it is possible to analyze and classifycall-centre knowledge infrastructures. The model also demonstrates different types ofinterventions supporting knowledge management in call-centres. Finally the paper discusses thepossibilities of applying traditional maturity model approaches in this context.
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