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Shahzad Syed K, Granitzer Michael, Helic Denis

Ontological Model Driven GUI Development: User Interface Ontology Approach

6th International Conference on Computer Sciences and Convergence Information Technology (ICCIT), IEEE, 2011

Ontology and Semantic Framework has becomepervasive in computer science. It has huge impact at database,business logic and user interface for a range of computerapplications. This framework is also being introduced, presentedor plugged at user interfaces for various software and websites.However, establishment of structured and standardizedontological model based user interface development environmentis still a challenge. This paper talks about the necessity of such anenvironment based on User Interface Ontology (UIO). To explorethis phenomenon, this research focuses at the User Interfaceentities, their semantics, uses and relationships among them. Thefirst part focuses on the development of User Interface Ontology.In the second step, this ontology is mapped to the domainontology to construct a User Interface Model. Finally, theresulting model is quantified and instantiated for a user interfacedevelopment to support our framework. This UIO is anextendable framework that allows defining new sub-conceptswith their ontological relationships and constraints.
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