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Schmidt A., Hinkelmann K., Ley Tobias, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Maier R., Riss U.

Conceptual Foundations for a Service-oriented Knowledge and Learning Architecture: Supporting Content, Process, and Ontology Maturing

Networked Knowledge - Networked Media Integrating Knowledge Management, New Media Technologies and Semantic Systems, Studies in Computational Intelligence, Pellegrini, T., Auer, S., Tochtermann, K., Schaffert, S., Springer, 2009

Effective learning support in organizations requires a flexible and personalizedtoolset that brings together the individual and the organizational perspectiveon learning. Such toolsets need a service-oriented infrastructure of reusable knowledgeand learning services as an enabler. This contribution focuses on conceptualfoundations for such an infrastructure as it is being developed within the MATUREIP and builds on the knowledge maturing process model on the one hand, and theseeding-evolutionary growth-reseeding model on the other hand. These theories areused to derive maturing services, for which initial examples are presented.

Ley Tobias, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Schöfegger Karin, Seitlinger Paul, Weber Nicolas, Hu Bo, Riss Uwe, Brun Roman, Hinkelmann Knut, Thönssen Barbara, Maier Ronald, Schmidt Andreas

Maturing Services Definition


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