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Pammer-Schindler Viktoria, Knipfer Kristin, Krogstie Birgit, Wessel Daniel, Prilla Michael, Lindstaedt Stefanie

Reflective Learning at Work - A Position and Discussion Paper

Proceedings of the 1st European Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Learning Networks (ARNETS'11), Reinhardt, W., Ullmann, T., Scott, P., Pammer, V., Conlan, O., Berlanga, A., CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2011

The relevance of reflection for learning has long been recognised,and there is a substantial body of theoretical work on reflection.However, many questions regarding reflection at the workplace are stillopen, especially regarding the actual occurrence of reflection in differentworkplaces, and the efficient support for reflection.In our ongoing work to examine the relevance of reflective learning atwork in various organisations and to design technological support, wehave collected and discussed existing literature on reflective learning.Within this paper, we discuss relevant and open issues in four majortopical areas that are relevant to the above research goal, namely (i) thereflection process , (ii) the various scopes of reflection such as individualand organisational learning, (iii) the context or setting in which reflectionmight take place and (iv) how we can facilitate and scaffold reflectionby means of technology. We aim to provide a basis for discussion and toillustrate that research on reflection, especially in the context of work, isfar from finished.
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