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di Sciascio Maria Cecilia, Mayr Lukas, Veas Eduardo Enrique

Exploring and Summarizing Document Colletions with Multiple Coordinated Views

Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Workshop on Exploratory Search and Interactive Data Analytics, ACM, Limassol, Cyprus, 2017

Knowledge work such as summarizing related research inpreparation for writing, typically requires the extraction ofuseful information from scientific literature. Nowadays theprimary source of information for researchers comes fromelectronic documents available on the Web, accessible throughgeneral and academic search engines such as Google Scholaror IEEE Xplore. Yet, the vast amount of resources makesretrieving only the most relevant results a difficult task. Asa consequence, researchers are often confronted with loadsof low-quality or irrelevant content. To address this issuewe introduce a novel system, which combines a rich, inter-active Web-based user interface and different visualizationapproaches. This system enables researchers to identify keyphrases matching current information needs and spot poten-tially relevant literature within hierarchical document collec-tions. The chosen context was the collection and summariza-tion of related work in preparation for scientific writing, thusthe system supports features such as bibliography and citationmanagement, document metadata extraction and a text editor.This paper introduces the design rationale and components ofthe PaperViz. Moreover, we report the insights gathered in aformative design study addressing usability
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