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Thalmann Stefan, Thiele Janna, Manhart Markus, Virnes Marjo

Application Scenarios of Mobile Learning in Vocational Training: A Case Study of Ach So! in the Construction Sector

EdMedia: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Washington, DC, United States, 2017

This study explored the application scenarios of a mobile app called Ach So! forworkplace learning of construction work apprentices. The mobile application was used forpiloting new technology-enhanced learning practices in vocational apprenticeship trainingat construction sites in Finland and in a training center in Germany. Semi-structured focusgroup interviews were conducted after the pilot test periods. The interview data served asthe data source for the concept-driven framework analysis that employed theoretical ...

Thalmann Stefan, Manhart Markus

Balancing Knowledge Protection and Sharing in Networks of SME

Proceedings of IKNOW 2016, 2016

Organizations join networks to acquire external knowledge. This is especially important for SMEs since they often lack resources and are dependent on external knowledge to achieve and sustain competitive advantage. However, finding the right balance between measures facilitating knowledge sharing and measures protecting knowledge is a challenge. Whilst sharing is the raison d’être of networks, neglecting knowledge protection can be also detrimental to network, e.g., lead to one-sided skimming of knowledge. We identified four practices SMEs currently apply to balance protection of competitive knowledge and knowledge sharing in the network: (a) share in subgroups with high trust, (b) share partial aspects of the knowledge base, (c) share with people with low proximities, and (d) share common knowledge and protect the crucial. We further found that the application of the practices depends on the maturity of the knowledge. Further, we discuss how the practices relate to organizational protection capabilities and how the network can provide IT to support the development of these capabilities.

Thalmann Stefan, Ilvonen Ilona, Manhart Markus , Sillaber Christian

Knowledge Protection for Digital Innovations: Integrating Six Perspectives

Proceedings of the 11th Pre-ICIS Workshop on Information Security and Privacy, AIS Electronic Library (AISeL), Dublin, Ireland, 2016

New ways of combining digital and physical innovations, as well as intensified inter-organizational collaborations, create new challenges to the protection of organizational knowledge. Existing research on knowledge protection is at an early stage and scattered among various research domains. This research-in-progress paper presents a plan for a structured literature review on knowledge protection, integrating the perspectives of the six base domains of knowledge, strategic, risk, intellectual property rights, innovation, and information technology security management. We define knowledge protection as a set of capabilities comprising and enforcing technical, organizational, and legal mechanisms to protect tacit and explicit knowledge necessary to generate or adopt innovations.
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