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Zinnen A., Hambach S., Faatz A., Lindstaedt Stefanie , Beham Günter, Godehardt E., Goertz M., Lokaiczyk R.

Datenschutzfragen bei der Etablierung einer Arbeitsprozess-integrierten e-Learning-Lösung

Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI): DeLFI 2008 : Die 6. e-Learning Fachtagung Informatik der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.Bonn : Köllen, 2008, Seehusen, S., Gesellschaft für Informatink eV, 2008


Lokaiczyk R., Godehardt E., Faatz A., Goertz M., Kienle A., Wessner M., Ulbrich Armin

Exploiting Context Information for Identification of Relevant Experts in Collaborative Workplace-Embedded E-Learning Environments

Creating New Learning Experiences on a Global Scale (LNCS, Volume 4753), Duval, E., Klamma, R., Wolpers, M., Springer, Heidelberg, 2007


Ulbrich Armin, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Scheir Peter, Goertz M.

A Context-Model for Supporting Work-Integrated Learning

European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovative Approaches for Learning and Knowledge Sharing , Springer, Berlin, 2006

This contribution introduces the so-called Workplace Learning Contextas essential conceptualisation supporting self-directed learning experiencesdirectly at the workplace. The Workplace Learning Context is to be analysedand exploited for retrieving ‘learning’ material that best-possibly matches witha knowledge worker’s current learning needs. In doing so, several different‘flavours’ of work-integrated learning can be realised including task learning,competency-gap based support and domain-related support. The WorkplaceLearning Context Model, which is also outlined in this contribution, forms thetechnical representation of the Workplace Learning Context.
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