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Drachsler Hendrik, Verbert Katrien, Sicilia Miguel-Angel, Wolpers Martin, Manouselis Nikos, Vuorikari Riina, Lindstaedt Stefanie , Fischer Frank

dataTEL-Datasets for technology enhanced learning-White paper

Stellar Open Archive, 2011

The dataTEL white paper develop during the dataTEL workshop at the ARV2011. The workshop was motivated by the issue that very less educational datasets are publicly available in TEL, so that the outcomes of different TEL adaptive applications and recommender systems that support personalised learning are hardly comparable. In other domains like in e-commerce it is a common practise to use different datasets as benchmarks to evaluate recommender systems algorithms to make the results comparable (MovieLens, Book-Crossing, EachMovie dataset). So far, no universally valid knowledge exists in TEL on algorithm that can be successfully applied in a certain learning setting to personalise learning. Having a collection of datasets could be a first major step towards a theory of personalisation with in TEL that can be based on empirical experiments with verifiable and valid results.
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