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Fessl Angela, Feyertag Sandra, Pammer-Schindler Viktoria

Designing Innovative Digital Technologies for Knowledge Management and Data-driven Business: A Case Study

In Proceeding of 15th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies and Data-driven Business, 2015

This paper presents a case study on co-designing digitaltechnologies for knowledge management and data-driven businessfor an SME. The goal of the case study was to analysethe status quo of technology usage and to develop designsuggestions in form of mock-ups tailored to the company’sneeds. We used both requirements engineering and interactivesystem design methods such as interviews, workshops,and mock-ups for work analysis and system design. The casestudy illustrates step-by-step the processes of knowledge extractionand combination (analysis) and innovation creation(design). These processes resulted in non-functional mockups,which are planned to be implemented within the SME.

Fessl Angela, Wesiak Gudrun, Feyertag Sandra, Rivera-Pelayo Verónica

In-App Reflection Guidance for Workplace Learning

Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Technoloy Enhanced Learning (ECTEL 2015), Springer, NULL, 2015

In-app reflection guidance for workplace learning means motivating and guiding users to reflect on their working and learning, based on users' activities captured by the app. In this paper, we present ageneric concept for such in-app reflection guidance for workplace learning, its implementation in three di erent applications, and its evaluation in three di erent settings (one setting per app). From this experience, we draw the following lessons learned: First, the implemented in-appreflection guidance components are perceived as useful tools for reflective learning and their usefulness increases with higher usage rates. Second, smart technological support is su fficient to trigger reflection, however with di fferent implemented components also reflective learning takesplace on di erent stages. A sophisticated, unobtrusive integration in the working environment is not trivial at all. Automatically created prompts need a sensible timing in order to be perceived as useful and must not disrupt the current working processes.
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