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Seitlinger Paul, Ley Tobias, Kowald Dominik, Theiler Dieter, Hasani-Mavriqi Ilire, Dennerlein Sebastian, Lex Elisabeth, Albert D.

Balancing the Fluency-Consistency Tradeoff in Collaborative Information Search Using a Recommender Approach

International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, Constantine Stephanidis and Gavriel Salvendy , Taylor and Francis, 2017

Creative group work can be supported by collaborative search and annotation of Web resources. In this setting, it is important to help individuals both stay fluent in generating ideas of what to search next (i.e., maintain ideational fluency) and stay consistent in annotating resources (i.e., maintain organization). Based on a model of human memory, we hypothesize that sharing search results with other users, such as through bookmarks and social tags, prompts search processes in memory, which increase ideational fluency, but decrease the consistency of annotations, e.g., the reuse of tags for topically similar resources. To balance this tradeoff, we suggest the tag recommender SoMe, which is designed to simulate search of memory from user-specific tag-topic associations. An experimental field study (N = 18) in a workplace context finds evidence of the expected tradeoff and an advantage of SoMe over a conventional recommender in the collaborative setting. We conclude that sharing search results supports group creativity by increasing the ideational fluency, and that SoMe helps balancing the evidenced fluency-consistency tradeoff.

Stern Hermann, Dennerlein Sebastian, Pammer-Schindler Viktoria, Ginthör Robert, Breitfuß Gert

Bringing Big Data to Adolescence - Specifying Business Models by Practice

Institute of Systems Sciences, Innovation and Sustainability Research , Merangasse 18 /I , A - 8010 Graz, Austria, Baumgartner, R.J., Fuellsack, M., Gelbmann, U., Rauter, R, Graz, Austria, 2017

To specify the current understanding of business models in the realm of Big Data, we used a qualitative approach analysing 25 Big Data projects spread over the domains of Retail, Energy, Production, and Life Sciences, and various company types (SME, group, start-up, etc.). All projects have been conducted in the last two years at Austria’s competence center for Data-driven Business and Big Data Analytics, the Know-Center.

Topps David, Dennerlein Sebastian, Treasure-Jones Tamsin

Raising the BarCamp: international reflections

MedEdPublish, 2017

There is increasing interest in Barcamps and Unconferences as an educational approach during traditional medical education conferences. Ourgroup has now accumulated extensive experience in these formats over a number of years in different educational venues. We present asummary of observations and lessons learned about what works and what doesn’t.

Ruiz-Calleja Adolfo, Prieto Luis Pablo, Jesús Rodríguez Triana María , Dennerlein Sebastian, Ley Tobias

Learning Analytics for Professional and Workplace Learning: A Literature Review


Despite the ubiquity of learning in the everyday life of most workplaces, the learning analytics community only has paid attention to such settings very recently. One probable reason for this oversight is the fact that learning in the workplace is often informal, hard to grasp and not univocally defined. This paper summarizes the state of the art of Workplace Learning Analytics (WPLA), extracted from a systematic literature review of five academic databases as well as other known sources in the WPLA community. Our analysis of existing proposals discusses particularly on the role of different conceptions of learning and their influence on the LA proposals’ design and technology choices. We end the paper by discussing opportunities for future work in this emergent field.
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