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Dösinger G., Maurer Lisa

How users behave in a combined community/content environment

Proceedings of ICL 2007, Villach, Austria, 26.-28. September 2007, 2007


Beham Günter, Lux M., Dösinger G.

Empirical Studies in Multimedia Retrieval Evaluation

Proceedings of the 6th Workshop of the Multimedia Metadata Community: The Role of Metadata, March 2007, Aachen, Germany, 2007

The evaluation of retrieval mechanisms for inter-method comparison is necessary in academic as well as in applied research. A major issue in every evaluation is in which way and to what extent the actual perception of the user from the target user group is integrated. Within multimedia retrieval systems the impressions and perceptions of users vary much more than in text retrieval. Empirical studies are a common tool in social science and offer a way to research the correlation between the user perception and the computed similarity between pairs of multimedia documents or a query and the set of results. This approach can be used to complement and extend current evaluation approaches. Within this contribution we summarize general methods from social science and psychology for the interested reader in the area of computer science with some knowledge about statistics. Furthermore we give two examples of undertaken empirical experiments and their outcomes. Within the first one the perception of users is investigated and compared to factors like background and gender, while in the second study metrics are tested upon their ability to reflect the notion of similarity of users. Both experiments aim to give examples and insight on how empirical studies can be used in multimedia research in general and multimedia retrieval evaluation in special.

Dösinger G.

Wissensmanagement in unterschiedlichen Altersgruppen - Kultur des Austauschs

e-commerce magazin 07/2007, WIN-Verlag GmbH, 2007


Putschart I., Dösinger G.

Pitfalls and Potentials of Social Software in Higher Education

Proceedings of WEBIST 2006, International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, Setubal (Portugal), Aprile 2006, 2006


Dösinger G., Ley Tobias, Gissing B.

How networking works for networks: framework and case study

Proceedings of Enviroinfo 2005, 2005


Dösinger G., Stocker A.

Learning and Knowledge Management for Schools

unbekannt, ISSEP 2005, Klagenfurt, Austria, 2005


Granitzer Michael, Kienreich Wolfgang, Sabol Vedran, Dösinger G.

WebRat: Supporting Agile Knowledge Retrieval through Dynamic, Incremental Clustering and Automatic Labelling of Web Search Result Sets

Proceedings of 1st IEEE Workshop on Knowledge Management for Distributed, Agile Processes, Linz, Austria, 2003


Ley Tobias, Rollett H., Dösinger G., Bruhnsen K., Droschl G.

Implementing Instruments for Managing Intellectual Capital: Three Case Studies and Some Lessons Learned

In Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Knowledge Management, September 24-25, Dublin, Ireland, 2002

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