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Rollett H., Lux M., Strohmaier M., Dösinger G.

The Web 2.0 Way of Learning with Technologies

International Journal of Learning Technology, Vol. 3, Issue 1, 2007, Inderscience Publishers, 2007

While there is a lot of hype around various concepts associated with the term Web 2.0 in industry, little academic research has so far been conducted on the implications of this new approach for the domain of education. Much of what goes by the name of Web 2.0 can, in fact, be regarded as new kinds of learning technologies, and can be utilised as such. This paper explains the background of Web 2.0, investigates the implications for knowledge transfer in general, and then discusses its particular use in eLearning contexts with the help of short scenarios. The main challenge in the future will be to maintain essential Web 2.0 attributes, such as trust, openness, voluntariness and self-organisation, when applying Web 2.0 tools in institutional contexts.

Dösinger G., Gissing B.

Know how to share and transfer Know-how

Proceedings des 18. Symposiums Environmental Informatics – Knowledge Sharing, Genf, Schweiz, 2004


Dösinger G.

Trendanalyse Wissensmanagement: Orientierungshilfen für Praxisprojekte von morgen

wissensmanagement - Das Magazin für Führungskräfte, 2004


Granitzer Michael, Kienreich Wolfgang, Sabol Vedran, Dösinger G.

WebRat: Supporting Agile Knowledge Retrieval through Dynamic, Incremental Clustering and Automatic Labelling of Web Search Result Sets

Proceedings of 1st IEEE Workshop on Knowledge Management for Distributed, Agile Processes, Linz, Austria, 2003


Ley Tobias, Rollett H., Dösinger G., Bruhnsen K., Droschl G.

Implementing Instruments for Managing Intellectual Capital: Three Case Studies and Some Lessons Learned

In Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Knowledge Management, September 24-25, Dublin, Ireland, 2002


Dösinger G., Ley Tobias

Wissensbilanzen als ein Instrument zum Management Intellektuellen Kapitals

TELEMATIK 03/2002, Telematik Ingenieur Verband, Graz, Austria, 2002

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