Cooperation with Know-Center

Knowledge lead and competitive advantages for business partners of Know-Center

Added value for partners

Benefit from the many advantages that Know-Center offers you and become its business partner. International visibility, a wide network and excellent research services are waiting for you. As Europe’s leading research center for data-driven business and knowledge technologies, Know-Center can help its business partners to manage large amounts of data and obtain research funding. Due to its experience with EU projects and close cooperation and networking with internationally renowned scientific institutions, Know-Center can offer its partners insight into the latest research and innovation themes. The best examples for this are the growing international partner network and the annual conference i-KNOW.


How do I become a partner of Know-Center?

After becoming Know-Center’s partner, in a B2B relationship, a company can purchase various services or enter into a long-term economic partnership within the framework of the COMET program.

The first step in a long-term economic partnership is to establish common connecting factors in the first research project proposal. After the partner is accepted, the cooperation agreement will be recorded in a framework agreement. Thereafter, the company can benefit from all advantages of the cooperation with Know-Center.


Portrait of Wolfgang Kienreich Kontakt send
Wolfgang Kienreich Director Business & Markets
„Your bridge to science“

“The use of new procedures from science provides a decisive competitive advantage for most companies. Differences in the culture of research organisations and companies make the access to adequate results harder. Know-Center has conducted in the last 16 years hundreds of application-oriented research projects. In this way Know-Center has successfully transferred scientific evidences in innovation for companies. We know how things work, regardless if strategic intelligence opens valuable information about market and competition, performer support that supports top performers in their companies, social computing that makes its customer networks usable, realtime analytics that transform sensor data in real time into valuable information or virtual research that enables economization in research and development of new products.”

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