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Playful learning during education or at the workplace is fun and learning turns into a positive experience. The „Medical Quiz“ supports learning by playing quizzes. The idea is to support nurses, currently in an education to become a nurse on a stroke unit as well as to motivate nurses already working at a stroke unit to refresh their knowledge. Four different types of quizzes were implemented, one “Quiz against time” and three quizzes consisting of a different number of questions – depending on how much time the current user has. Besides specific questions on relevant topics all quizzes are enriched with reflective questions, which motivate the player to think again about the currently gained knowledge and to deepen the learning success.

The current implementation of the Medical Quiz is a representative example of how work-related facts can be provided to nurses to become a specialist in their area. The “Medical Quiz” can be adapted to each specific field, where professional knowledge should be communicated in a playful way. Beside multiple choice and single choice questions, various other question types can be selected.


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Warranty: The Know-Center, the neurologische Klinik Bad Neustadt and the MIRROR EU Project will not guarantee for the accuracy and completeness of the content of the Medical Quiz.

Kontakt: If you are interested in the Medical Quiz, please contact us at

Acknowledgements: The Medical Quiz was developed by the Know-Center ( together with the Neurologische Klinik Bad Neustadt (, and within the MIRROR IP ( The Know-Center is funded within the Austrian COMET Program – Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies – under the auspices of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Familiy and Youth and by the State of Styria. COMET is managed by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG. MIRROR – Reflective learning at work – is funded under the FP7 of the European Commission (project number 257617). The OS X sensors were developed by David Ganster in the framework of his bachelor thesis at Knowledge Technologies Institute, Graz University of Technology.


Fessl, A., Bratic, M., & Pammer, V. (2014). Continuous learning with a quiz for stroke nurses. International journal of technology enhanced learning, 6(3), 265-275.
Available at:

Fessl, A., Wesiak, G., & Pammer-Schindler, V. (2018). Transfer of Theoretical Knowledge into Work Practice: A Reflective Quiz for Stroke Nurses. In Knowledge Management in Digital Change (pp. 291-308). Springer, Cham.
Available at:

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