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Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.


ASFINAG - Drivers Dashboard

COMET project 2015

The ASFINAG hosts an event management systems that tracks all accidents, construction sites,  temporary obstacles and other events that are of interest to the management and to the driver. In several occasions events are reported even fast through social media or other channels. This project aims of joining important internal…

Mediatum - Executive Search

COMET project 2015

Mediatum is an international Executive Search and Development company and is specialized to find its clients of the life sciences and chemical industry the appropriate experts and executives for their businesses. In addition, Mediatum aids in the optimal development of the clients employees. Matching candidates are - besides social media…

NXP – Document Analysis

COMET project 2015

The Austrian head quarters of NXP Semiconductors is specialized on contactless identification systems (NFC, RFID). The internal work flows and processes involve lots of technical documents which are not perfectly structured nor normalized. Within this projects, technical documents will be analyzed for errors on a syntactic and semantic level. Syntactic…

AVL - Patent Mining

COMET project 2015

Monitoring and analyzing patents and other IP rights is one of the most critical tasks for innovative and competitive companies. Because of the vast amount of documents this task is very resource intense and can hardly be done even by specialists. But it is a crucial task because it reveals…

Magna – Paint Finishing

COMET project 2015

The paint finishing of parts for the manufacturing of cars is done in a paint-spray line in which the parts run through a process of 10 to 15 steps. Within a day more than 500 parts are being processed. Each step is regulated by a set of adjustable process parameters…

Seidel Consult - Production Dashboard

COMET project 2015

One of the key competences of Seidel is electronic assembly which is a process in which a product is assembled in many steps. The processing time varies from days to weeks. For an effective process it is mandatory to plan and track the input inventory for each production step as…

Nekom – Social Recommender

COMET project 2015

NEKOM offers Know-How and software development in Marketing, Retail and Multichannel E-Commerce. They are also involved in creating an online platform for social organizations to improve the process of serving their clients needs.   Within this project recommendations are provided via an API that help clients to find the right…

ENTEOS – Invoice Classifier

COMET project 2015

Most people in accounting stick to their familiar habits; they simply enter incoming bills and receipts manually into their book keeping system. ENTEOS supports a fundamental change process of many offices and companies in creating a digital workflow. Those clients can also authorize ENTEOS to scan bills and receipts to…

SIEMENS – Rail Data Analytics

COMET project 2015

The Siemens division rail based in Graz-Eggenberg constructs train bogies (wheel undercarriages) for high-speed trains, local trains, subways and others. In the past the bogies have been equipped with sensors for a short-term period and for quality assurance only. As sensors become cheaper the customers of Siemens ask for permanent…

NE – Wissensservice (Knowledge Service)

COMET project 2015

NE is contributing to the development of the former “Brockhaus Wissenmedia Wissensservice (WiS)” in order to innovate the underlying software framework. One goal of this project is the deployment of the WiS in a cloud environment whereas the network communication is the most critical part. The WiS components make use…

AT&S – ERP Data Analytics

COMET project 2015

AT&S is the Market Leader in Europe and a Leading Global Manufacturer of high-end printed circuit boards (PCBs). AT&S focuses on cutting-edge technology to meet the highest customer requirements in its core business segments Mobile Devices, Automotive & Aviation, Industrial Electronics, and Medical & Healthcare. Depending on technology and layer…

Avarto – Wissensservice (Knowledge Service)

COMET project 2015

Brockhaus Wissensservice is a portal for searching and finding references dedicated to schools, universities, public institutions and others. It is the leading reference portal that with a qualified editorial department offering daily updates of contents and easy understandable presentation of facts. In 2015 the Know-Center take care of maintenance and…

Human Technology Styria - Content filtering and discovery

COMET project 2015

HTS is an association of Styrian companies, institutions and research facilities with the aim to support and strengthen the Styrian competitive advantage in the field of human life sciences. One of its services is a newsletter that aggregates various sources. Topics are pharmaceutical engineering and production processes; advanced biomedical sensor…

SKF - Pantent Mining #1

COMET project 2015

The SKF Group is a leading global supplier of products, solutions and services within rolling bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems. SKF’s fundamental strength is the ability to continuously develop new technologies – then use them to create products that offer competitive advantages to SKF’s customers.   Patents are…

Concept Data Systems - Visual Search

COMET project 2015

Concept Data System is a software development company that provides customer-specific software solutions and IT consulting. It provides the leading ERP system for the Horticultural branche, called PAT. Within this project the PAT Wiki gets extended with a faceted search that improves the Wikis search functionality, a new homepage that provides a…

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