Digital Innovation Hubs

Fresh ideas combined with technical know-how: Know-Center is connected with a multitude of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) nationally and in Europe. Two Innovation Hubs, whose development and activities we have been leading, are presented below.


In association of 12 Big-Data DIHs that are closely linked with European data incubators and SME networks, EUHubs4Data creates a new instrument to make Big Data local expertise and successes of European initiatives available for future data-driven innovation in companies.

The project is making a major contribution to the growth of European SMEs, start-ups and web companies in the global data economy.

AI 4 Production

AI4P supports Austrian companies in the development, implementation and anchoring of their specific digitisation projects, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence for Production is an initiative of 40 partners, coordinated via the platform Industry 4.0 and by Know-Center.