Know-Center contributes to H2020 project “FlexIFF”

We are pleased to announce that the H2020 project " FlexIFF - Flexible Intralogistics For Future Factories” has successfully kicked off in October 2017 and will continue for two years until September 2019. The Know-Center is actively contributing with its expertise in Knowledge-Discovery and Knowledge Visualisation.

The FlexIFF project introduces intralogistics task teams consisting of people, mobile robots and mobile manipulators. These cyber-physical systems are able to handle the transport steps which are necessary to execute the production plan in a coordinated manner. Human team members as well as operators keep an overview through assistance systems by the use of, e.g., augmented reality (AR)-supported interaction methods, and can intervene in support, provide solutions to new problems and optimize them. The FlexIFF project also provides solutions for safe, robust and efficient use of mobile robot systems in industrial environments.

The Know-Center actively contributes with two of its research areas: the Knowledge Discovery team researches the preparation of a commonly available information base out of sensor readings, production planning data, manufacturing execution data and other sources. This pre-processed data is then used as an input for machine learning and optimisation approaches. The results of the optimisations, the extracted knowledge about insights into scheduling, and status monitoring of participation actors are provided to humans via augmented and virtual reality solutions and to the robot information systems researched by other partners.
The Knowledge Visualisation team will research and develop an intelligent interface framework for the intuitive and systematically efficient coordination of teamwork operations in a collaborative suite of human and cyber-physical work forces, such as, mobile manipulators, in the industrial intra-logistics environment of a highly flexible and automatized manufacturer shop floor.

Have a look at the project’s website here to find out more about its newest updates!

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