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The advancing digital transformation of all areas of life ensures that more and more data is available to us for business use. Under the keyword ‘Big Data’, we have long been researching the resulting business opportunities and technological challenges.

Let’s create value from your data together!

We see the rapid development of data-driven Artificial Intelligence as a significant effect of the increasing availability of data. Machines can learn more and more from experience, make predictions and make decisions. This has effects on all areas of business life.

Let’s use Artificial Intelligence together to open up new business opportunities!

Since 2001 we have gained experience in thousands of projects in a wide range of industries. Let’s talk about how data-driven approaches can add value to your business.

Advanced Data Analytics

At the operational level, a data-driven approach enables the optimization of machines and processes and the maximization of added value. Learn more in our ‘Advanced Data Analytics’ business unit about how, for example, a major automotive manufacturer optimizes central manufacturing processes using advanced Data Analytics.

Data-Driven Strategic Intelligence

On a strategic level, data-driven methods and tools enable informed and timely decisions even in a complex, globalized business environment. Learn more in our ‘Data-Driven Strategic Intelligence’ business unit about how a leading insurance company, for example, is minimizing risks by using information from open sources.

Intelligent Workplace of the Future

At the interface between man and machine, artificially intelligent assistance systems take over routine tasks and minimize risks. Learn more in our business area ‘Intelligent Workplace of the Future’ about how, for example, a globally active machine builder automates quotation processes using semantic technology.