Human Aware Data Analysis – Visual & Guided Data Analytics

26.08.2020 15:00 - 17:00 | Language: english | Register free of charge for session

Target group:

Researchers, engineers and everyone else facing the task of exploring, navigating, and analyzing data using interactive tools and systems. While some of the presented techniques are generally applicable, others may target a particular application domain, such as industry, media or health.


After the event you will know:


About advanced methods for interactive data analysis using visual tools and systems, e.g.,

  • Personalised visualization and user interfaces

  • Guided data analytics

  • AI to support users in analytical processes

  • Domain-specific visual analytics techniques (e.g. for health or media)

  • Big data visualization (with focus on time-series data)

  • Gathering user feedback to improve AI algorithms

You will also learn about

  • Previous success stories on interactive data exploration and visual analytics

  • Ongoing projects and future research plans


Vedran Sabol

Vedran Sabol

Research Area Manager Knowledge Visualization

Belgin Mutlu

Belgin Mutlu

Tobias Schreck

Tobias Schreck

Professor, TU Graz

Christian Partl

Christian Partl

Senior Researcher Knowledge Visualization

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